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Low Carbon Wire

Low carbon wire

Low carbon wire is a low carbon steel wire and has high flexibility and resistance to multiple deformations. Low carbon wire is used in many industries for the production and packaging of various products. Low carbon wire is used as a binding wire, as well as a raw material for the production of various types of barbed wire. Low carbon steel wire is available with or without a protective zinc coating, depending on the application.

Low-carbon steel wire of GOST 6727-80 for enforcement of concrete Wire GOST 6727-80

Cold-drawn low-carbon wire of State Standard GOST 6727-80 is designed for enforcement of concrete structures.

Low-carbon steel wire for mesh TU 14-4-1563-89 Wire TU 14-4-1563-89

Low-carbon wire of Technical Conditions TU 14-4-1563-89 is designed for use in mesh production.

Low-carbon galvanized cold-drawn steel wire ТТ 28.7-26209430-093:2012 Wire TT 28.7-26209430-093:2012

Low-carbon galvanized cold-drawn steel wire of Technical Requirements ТТ 28.7-26209430-093:2012 is used for enforcement of concrete structures

Low-carbon steel wire TU U 27.3-136-005-2003 Wire TU U 27.3-136-005-2003

Low-carbon steel wire of TU U 27.3-136-005-2003 is used for manufacturing of industrial mesh and cloth.

Low-carbon steel wire GOST 3282-74 Wire GOST 3282-74

General-purpose low-carbon steel wire of State Standard GOST 3282-74 is used in industry for binding goods.