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Welding Wire

Welding wire

Welding wire is a wire designed for welding and has the necessary physical and chemical properties for this. Welding wire is used for welding various metals and alloys using automatic or semi-automatic welding machines. Some types of welding wire require welding in an atmosphere of inert gases, and some have additives in their composition that allow welding in a normal atmosphere. To improve the quality of welds and stabilize the welding process, some types of welding wire are produced with copper coating. The industry produces various types of welding wire, which differ in physical and chemical properties, as well as the conditions for their use in welding work.

Welding steel wire TU 14-15-373-95 Wire TU 14-15-373-95

Welding steel wire of Technical Conditions TU 14-15-373-95 is designed for use in arc welding of carbon and low-alloy steel.

Coppered welding steel wire TU U 322-4-392-96 Wire TU U 322-4-392-96

Coppered welding steel wire of TU U 322-4-392-96 is applied in mechanical method of metal welding.

Welding steel wire GOST 2246-70 Wire GOST 2246-70

Welding iron wire of State Standard GOST 2246-70 is designed for welding, surfacing and welding electrode manufacturing.